Roast squirrel with squash, sage & hazelnuts October 10 2021

A simple and delicious way to cook squirrel - the meat is surprisingly tender and responds so well to the high heat of the oven. The pumpkin, sage and nuts are perfect with the squirrel but also works with rabbit, pheasant or even chicken.

Spatchcock BBQ Squirrel June 07 2021

Marinading the squirrel overnight in flavoursome maple syrup, garlic and mustard enhances the squirrel. It then cooks quickly on a hot barbecue. A talking point for any barbecue party.

Slow-cooked Squirrel and Chorizo Stew September 28 2016

This is a take on a traditional Catalan dish of rabbit, beans and chorizo. With strong flavours and smokey paprika baked long and slow in the oven, the meat will be juicy and tender.