Sizzling Summer Game

There's no reason to confine wild meat to winter cooking! Venison and wild boar are available throughout the year and excellent cooked on the barbecue. Smaller game like rabbit and pheasant freezes really well so we can supply it throughout the year. We also supply Sutton Hoo chicken, and although not 'wild', these birds are free range and have an excellent diet which means the flavour of their meat exceptional.

The smoke of a BBQ really enhances the flavour of game meat in particular and there are plenty of great recipes out there so get barbecuing now!

Game on the BBQ - top tips
There are some simple rules for barbecuing game - because the meat is naturally leaner than farmed meat such as pork, chicken and beef, it's important to marinade before cooking - see our simple suggestions below.  Also, make sure you don't overcook - cook the meat slowly and at a low temperature - make sure your grills are not too hot. Covering the barbecue with a lid can help to avoid meat drying out.