Peppered hare loin with goat’s cheese March 05 2024

This quick but surprisingly filling dish highlights the delicate flavour of the hare meat which is darker and gamier than rabbit with a distinctive flavour more akin to venison.

Hare and Halloumi Skewers August 07 2023

A delicious combination of tender hare loin skewered with salty halloumi and folded bacon strips, sweetened with orange juice. Grilled over hot coals, these skewers make a quick and easy BBQ dish and are packed with flavour.

Hare pie February 07 2022

Hare meat is darker and gamier than rabbit and so makes a delicious and hearty pie topped with creamy mashed potato rather than pastry. Serve it with autumnal corn on the cob.

Pappardelle with hare, red wine & cacao regù September 10 2020

The trigger for this recipe is the typically northern Italian way of braising hare (lepre) in salmi. They put a hare into a wine marinade with onions, celery, juniper berries and and rosemary, to soften the flavour of the strong-tasting meat as well as tenderising it. Then the important thing is to let the hare cook very slowly.