About The Wild Meat Company

In Suffolk there is an abundance of wild game. The Wild Meat Company source and sell venison, game birds, rabbit and even squirrel entirely from farms and estates in east Suffolk.

Established in 1999, Robert Gooch and Paul Denny were keen to take the muck and mystery out of buying, preparing and eating game.  At the beginning, Paul did all the processing and butchery and Robert made the collections and deliveries. Since then the company has been named as one of Rick Stein’s Food Heroes and highly praised by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Paul and Robert work with an extremely committed team of butchers, meat packers and drivers, making a happy team even during the busiest of Christmas period.

We are registered with the local authority and have a food hygiene rating of 5.  We are also proud recipients of a Silver award from the Suffolk Carbon Charter in recognition of our commitment to minimising our energy use and carbon emissions and we continue to support the work of the Country Food Trusta unique charity using game meat to produce top quality protein based food to donate to charities who feed people in need.


Our Team

The Wild Meat Company has a small close-knit team based at our butchery at Blaxhall, close to the Suffolk coast...

Robert Gooch

Robert deals with the boring things, such as marketing and administration  - when he is not doing market research in the shooting field!

Paul Denny

The maestro at keeping a cool head when everything is going wrong, Paul keeps the show on the road while thinking about his ornamental duck and poultry collection at home.

Annabel (above left)

The voice of the Wild Meat Company (on the phone), Annabel is the first point of contact for many customers and suppliers.  When she is not responding to emails or answering the phone, she does her best to keep the scraps of paperwork from the butchery in some order.

Jack (above centre)

Since joining the team as an apprentice in 2012, Jack has managed to both grow his hair, lose weight and become the boss butcher. He is now in charge of the most efficient game cutting team in the northern hemisphere.

Dawn (above right)

Not known for letting the grass grow under her feet, Dawn is Paul’s sister and is the speedster in the packing and labelling line.


Karl (above left)

Having been in the butchery trade for over 30 years, Karl’s been around the block a few times. He has brought a calm efficiency and top-level knife skills since joining the cutting room in the summer of 2020.

Richard (centre)

Product development at the Wild Meat Company has been transformed since Richard joined us during the COVID hiatus. A talented chef, Richard has improved our recipes and became our pin up performer when he was videoed cooking up the game recipe boxes that he created for us

Chris (above right)

Chris runs our intake area, dealing with our suppliers who bring in the game and wildfowl shot on our local farms, forests and marshes. He also is the senior operator in our processing line. When he not working at the Wild Meat Company, Chris can be found by the side of lake with a fishing rod in hand.


Nikki (above left)

Let's put it this way, you can always hear Nikki before you see her in the butchery! When not working at the Wild Meat Company, Nikki is a well-respected local Funeral Director and enjoys nothing more than messing about with her Suffolk Punch horse and the other zoo residents on her smallholding.

Lucie (above centre)

As Robert’s daughter, Lucie gets all the cushy jobs, like helping Annabel in the office. She’s a student and helps out when she’s not at Uni, which is a lot of the time at the moment!

Rebecca (above right)

Becs keeps the accountant happy and the tax man quiet. She loves Costa coffee and won’t touch the lovely instant stuff in our staff room.