Cheese filled rabbit and bacon burgers June 12 2022

These tasty burgers are stuffed with oozing mozzarella cheese and flavoured with peppery chives. They can be grilled or cooked on on a griddle or barbecue.

Duck breast with savoy cabbage, bacon and Aspall's balsamic dressing August 26 2020

Gressingham's famous “one pan duck”. A delicious recipe prepared in just one pan to save on washing up!

Rabbit and mustard sauce with buttered leeks April 18 2016

This is a variation on the classic french Lapin a la moutarde. Rabbit loin is wrapped in bacon and poached and served with buttery leeks.

Lime Flavoured Roasted Partridge October 06 2014

Lime is a surprising partner for partridge but the two flavours complement each other beautifully.

Roasted Woodcock August 24 2014

Thanks to Maddie at the British Larder for sharing this fabulous recipe for one of the tastiest wild game birds around.