There’s nothing quite like the sizzle of meat on a barbecue on a spring or summer evening. Or the smell of a joint roasting for Sunday lunch, or a rich and tasty chilli during the week. But how can you satisfy your tastebuds sustainably? Simple! Opt for delicious wild venison!

Wild Venison can be distinguished from supermarket venison which is usually imported farmed red deer from New Zealand.  We source our wild venison from local populations  of fallow deer (as well as some muntjac and chinese water deer) from Rendlesham Forest and surrounding areas of coastal Suffolk.  Like all our game, our venison comes from wild animals which have never been to an abattoir. Instead the deer are culled by trained deerstalkers, using lead-free ammunition, as part of countryside management schemes to protect plants and young trees that other wildlife depends on.  This makes venison one of the most ethical and low-carbon meats you can eat and you find out more about can why wild venison is so sustainable on our blog.

Lean, high in protein and packed with B vitamins and iron, wild venison is a healthy choice too. Plus, our huge range of choices mean it’s also incredibly versatile. So, whether you’re hosting a dinner party, feeding the family or cooking for one, why not tuck into tasty wild venison? Find your perfect dinner from our wide selection of options available.

Please note that the amount of fat covering on the joint varies according to the time of year. This is normal with wild deer which lay on more fat in the late summer and autumn, losing it in winter and spring.