Venison is the generic term for meat from deer and there are six species of deer in this country, all producing venison with distinctive eating qualities. 

Like all our game, our venison comes from wild animals which have never been to an abattoir. Four species are regularly available in our area - red, fallow, roe and muntjac - but the most common are fallow and muntjac.

The latter are relatively small, being the size of a medium sized dog,  and are not shot as much as they might be because of their habit of never leaving the thick undergrowth in woods in which they live. As a result the venison we supply is all from fallow deer unless you specify a different requirement.

The vast majority of our venison comes from Rendlesham Forest and surrounding areas of coastal Suffolk. Fallow venison is slightly finer textured than red, which is a coarser. Wild Venison can be distinguished from supermarket venison which is usually imported farmed red deer from New Zealand. 

There is very little fat on wild meat, particularly venison, so great care must be taken in the cooking to make sure that the naturally lean meat does not dry out during cooking.