Game in feather and fur

We supply small game unprepared - birds with feathers and animals with fur - for those who like to prepare their own game at home as well as for filming, for taxidermy and for survival training (for example to the Scouts).

All the birds and animals that we provide have been carefully selected so that they are as unblemished as possible following culling. The vast majority will have been shot so there will be traces of blood on the plumage of a bird or on the fur of an animal but in all other respects the items chosen should be in good condition. It will be untouched from death and will thus have its head, feet and innards intact.

The season for the species of interest is shown alongside each item on the product list. If the game is to be supplied out of season, it will have been frozen and will thaw out gradually during transit via the courier. As a result it will appear damp during the thawing process, and this is particularly obvious in the case of furred animals e.g. rabbits. The best way of drying the fur out is to thaw slowly in the fridge and we can do this in advance if required. We cannot deliver on a weekend or Monday, so recommend ordering well in advance and keeping your products in the fridge or freezer.

To order select your game bird or animal from the product list, selecting the drop down box with the ‘in fur’ or ‘in feather’ option.  Please note that due to the bulky nature of these products, we do sometimes have to dispatch large orders in two consignments and therefore sometimes a small delivery surcharge will be added at the checkout to contribute to the increased cost of delivery.

Please note that we cannot supply hares by law from March to July inclusive.

Praise from scout leaders:

"It really made our scout 'survival camp' special to have some wild meats for the children to learn how to prepare and cook, and helps them have a perspective on where food comes from."