Drunken Rabbit with Wild Rice and Fennel Flatbreads March 05 2024

A big bowl full of rich, dark, boozy rabbit casserole with heartier mixed wild rice and quick flatbreads for mopping up the rich gravy. This is a recipe that starts on the stove top and then slowly cooks in the oven, perfect for a lazy autumn afternoon.

Game Pie March 05 2024

Tried and tested, this game pie can be served hot or cold for a comforting meal.

Cheese filled rabbit and bacon burgers June 12 2022

These tasty burgers are stuffed with oozing mozzarella cheese and flavoured with peppery chives. They can be grilled or cooked on on a griddle or barbecue.

Wild Rabbit Casserole with Wild Garlic & Fresh Almonds March 09 2022

Wild rabbit is plentiful when wild garlic can be found in British woodlands, and the two flavours are a match made in heaven in this easy casserole recipe.

Rabbit with Pappardelle July 02 2019

Slow cooked rabbit in a tasty smoked bacon, vegetable and herb sauce, served over pappardelle pasta. A simple and satisfying recipe, perfect fo a cold winter's night. 

Rabbit and mustard sauce with buttered leeks April 18 2016

This is a variation on the classic french Lapin a la moutarde. Rabbit loin is wrapped in bacon and poached and served with buttery leeks.