Wild Duck

Try our range of wild duck including Wigeon, Teal and Mallard.

Wild duck differ from farmed duck sold in the supermarket in that they are not fatty and have stronger flavours.

The best known wild duck are mallard which can become quite tame when found on lakes and village ponds. As the largest of the wild ducks, mallard are the only species used by restaurants as two servings can be obtained from one duck. This is a shame as it means few people have a chance to taste the other types of wild duck, particularly teal which are delicious - if a little small!

Wild ducks are shot with steel pellets, not lead, and these pellets tend to lead to blemishes and bruises on the skin. While unsightly on the eye, the meat below the skin is fine to eat

All our wild ducks are available unprocessed for those who want to pluck and prepare themselves or for taxidermy or filming. Use the pull down options to choose between oven ready or in feather birds.