Our free-range ducks are sourced from Creedy Carver, whose tasty slow-grown ducks enjoy the highest welfare standards. Sustainably reared in the Devonshire countryside, Creedy Carver’s ducks have ample space to roam on grass as well as access to water so they can bath and clean their feathers. Traditionally dry plucked and hand finished onsite, the quality, full flavour, welfare and sustainability of these free-range ducks makes them the bird of choice for many of the UK’s top chefs.

We also offer Gressingham ducks, which are produced within a few miles of us in Suffolk. The Gressingham duck was created by crossing wild Mallards with Pekins to produce a duck that is meatier than the Mallard but tastier and gamier than the Pekin with less fat. Please note that Gressingham ducks are not free-range but are well looked after in barns where they are free to roam.

Looking for wild duck? Wigeon, Teal and Mallard can all be found in our wild duck range.