Quail are very small but delicate in texture and flavour.  Our quail are offered either as a whole bird or have been boned and stuffed.

Quail exist as game birds throughout the world, but the European quail is very rare in the UK and it only visits us in the summer to breed. So wild quail are not available in the UK. Instead we can offer farmed quail from both England and France.

Our English quail come from Fayre Game in Lancashire who breed and hatch their own birds. The quail are reared in barns where they are free to fly in an environment that is as natural as possible.

Stocking densities within the barns are managed to ensure that the birds have plenty of space to express their natural behaviour. The Quail are fed on a carefully balanced diet , and the birds are encouraged to grow at a natural pace . Their diet is based on natural ingredients with appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements.

When the time comes for the birds to be slaughtered they are taken quietly from the barns in our specially adapted transport to a purpose built, veterinary inspected, processing facility.