Victory Against Unfair Courier Practices: Our Case Over Non-Delivered Meat Orders May 24 2024

A courier company which failed to deliver meat orders to Wild Meat customers in December 2022 has now dropped its court case against our company for its refusal to pay for these non-deliveries.

Meet Our Free Range Turkey Farmer October 17 2023

 Farmer Oli standing will all his turkeys

When it comes to turkey, it has to be free-range and high-welfare. Our near neighbour, Oli Parker, supplies all our free range turkeys and gives them a very happy and healthy life. We caught up with Oli to find out more about his turkey farm and what makes his birds so tasty.

Conscientious Eating with Game November 13 2022

Feathered and furred game

Eating less meat is a change we’re all being urged to make to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. But we don’t need to stop eating it all together – we just need to switch to conscientious choices, such as abundant and sustainable wild game.

Wild Eating in Summer August 18 2022

Cucumber sandwiches, mass-produced barbecues and stodgy sausage rolls are never going to cut it for fans of the big flavours of wild meat. For us, eating flavoursome game and wild food in the great outdoors is one of the joys of summer – and we’ve got some great ideas to make this summer the tastiest yet.

Meet the Supplier: A Passion for Seafood July 07 2022

We’re delighted to be working with A Passion for Seafood to offer you a delicious range of seasonal and traceable native fish and shellfish landed from UK waters. Founded by Mike Warner, they supply the best of British catches, while helping people to understand the ‘net to plate’ journey of their fish.

We caught up with Mike to find out more about A Passion for Seafood and the importance of making sustainable choices that help to sustain British fishing communities as well as fish stocks.

Eat Them to Beat Them: Invasive Species March 29 2022

Eating grey squirrel

Invasive non-native species have a huge impact on the UK’s ecosystems and conservationists are working tirelessly to eradicate them. What can you do to help? Put the tastiest on your menu!

Are Vegan Meat Alternatives as Healthy or Sustainable as Wild Meat? February 14 2022

Selection of wild meat products

This year, the number of people taking part in Veganuary reached record numbers and supermarkets and fast-food chains around the country have been cashing in on the demand for vegan products. But just how healthy are the latest ‘plant-based’ alternatives to meat?

Our Top Ten Tips for game meat salads July 31 2021

At this time of year it’s nice to think of cooking game outdoors on the barbecue but with our unreliable British weather outdoor cooking isn’t always practical. We like to use game, such as pheasant or partridge breast in summer salads. You could take any chicken salad recipe and replace it with pheasant or partridge which has a greater depth of flavour...

5 Marinades for Barbecuing Game July 08 2021


Cooking wild meat outdoors is one of life’s most simple – and greatest – pleasures. Wild venison, wild boar, game birds and spatchcocked squirrels all taste amazing barbecued or cooked on an open fire, especially when marinated in one of these 5 mouthwatering marinades.

7 Tips for a Healthier Barbecue June 17 2021

Love a barbecue but need to keep an eye on your fat and calorie intake? Just follow these top 7 tips for barbecuing the healthy way with wild and free-range meat!

The Importance of “Meat Consciousness” May 13 2021

Here at the Wild Meat Company, we passionately believe that completely cutting meat out of our diets isn’t the best solution for the planet, animals or our health. Instead, we’d like more people to develop greater “meat consciousness”, as we explain in this article.

Why Wild Venison Is a Sustainable Meat April 28 2021

Looking for a sustainable and nutritious meat to include in a climate-friendly diet? Look no further than delicious British wild venison!

Meet the producer – Truly Traceable February 23 2021

To find out more about Truly Traceable, whose award-winning game pies and sausage rolls have been flying out our doors since we added them to our pantry, we caught up with Steve over the phone, after he had just finished prepping vegetables for another day of pie making.

How Have the Lockdowns Affected the Supply of Game? February 01 2021


Group shooting activities came to an abrupt end as a result of the November and January lockdowns. So, what does this mean for the availability of game this year?

How to Make Meat Stocks and Gravy November 27 2020

pot of bone stock gravy

There really is nothing like homemade gravy made from a proper meat stock. And it’s not as difficult or time-consuming as you might imagine. Want to know how to make your own stocks and gravy? Read on!

Christmas Menus for Smaller Celebrations November 10 2020

Plate of wild boar cooked with fruit and port

This Christmas, we may not be able to sit at the same table as all our loved ones but we can still come together in spirit. Here’s our suggestions for sharing a warm and comforting Christmas on a smaller scale.

Apples and Game: A Perfect Match October 15 2020


When the leaves are falling on a crisp autumn day and the sunlight fades, there’s nothing more satisfying – or more British – than a tasty dish made with wild game and apples.

Donating £1 to the Country Food Trust for every online order placed in June June 03 2020

The Country Food Trust was set up to provide nutritious game-based meals to people who need them via foodbanks and charities.  The Wild Meat Company have supported the charity since its creation by donating prepared pheasant for these meals, and this month we will be donating an extra £1 for every online order we receive during the month of June.  

Herbs and Wild: Meet the Foraging Chef, Hannah Thomas March 23 2020

Hannah Thomas, Herbs & Wild

We’re always excited to meet someone as passionate about wild food as us – and nothing inspires Hannah Thomas more than the flavours and possibilities of wild meat and foraged edibles. Read on to discover the inspiration behind Hannah’s wild food journey and her favourite ingredients to combine with game.

How to Cook Pheasant January 21 2020

How to cook pheasant
Pheasant is a wonderfully versatile meat that can be used in place of chicken or turkey in a wide range of recipes. Subtly gamey, tender and succulent, pheasant cooked well is a taste to savour - read on to learn more.

Win a copy of Glorious Game and a mixed box of game! October 21 2019

Glorious Game is this season’s brand-new must-have game cookbook filled with delicious recipes from 101 of UK and Ireland’s best-loved chefs and food writers, including Tom Kerridge & Tom Aikens. Get your hands on a beautiful hardback copy (RRP £40) along with a mixed box of game to cook by entering our competition for your chance to win both in our autumn competition

20 things you may not know about wild meat October 18 2019

venison butcher

We can hardly believe it’s 20 years since Paul and I launched the Wild Meat Company to share our passion for wild game with the nation. To celebrate our 20th birthday, we’ve compiled our top 20 surprising facts about wild game. How many did you know already?

Conscientious Eating with Game June 23 2019

Feathered and furred game

Eating less meat is a change we’re all being urged to make to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. But we don’t need to stop eating it all together – we just need to switch to conscientious choices, such as abundant and sustainable wild game.

Win a Wild Meat BBQ Box and Stokes Sauces May 24 2019

To celebrate National BBQ week, we’re giving you the chance to win a very tasty prize including a Wild Meat BBQ Box packed with five family-sized packs of ready-to-barbecue products plus all four Stokes sauces and a handy Stokes tote bag and tea towel.