Tandoori Partridge with Almond Rice November 13 2023

Inspired by Indian cooking, this beautifully spiced partridge breast is great for dinner parties, served with hot fluffy naan bread, rice and chutney

Mediterranean Warm Partridge Salad June 02 2023

This light herby summer salad combines the sweetness of roast partridge with different types of beans.

Roast Partridge with Bubble and Squeak October 12 2021

Perfect for chilly winter evenings or lazy Sundays, this easy recipe pairs roasted partridge with comforting bubble and squeak. Use leftover meat from your Sunday roast if you have it, or simply season and roast a whole partridge at 200 degrees.

Partridge risotto August 26 2020

Using partridge as a healthier alternative to chicken, this creamy risotto will soon become a firm favourite.

Sautéed Partridge Breast Fillets with Rosemary and Apples July 31 2019

Tender and delicate partridge breasts are the star of the show in this simple dish. Buttery sweet red apples and rosemary complement partridge’s mild gamey flavour perfectly, while a comforting scoop of mash soaks up all the lovely juices.

Lime Flavoured Roasted Partridge October 06 2014

Lime is a surprising partner for partridge but the two flavours complement each other beautifully.