Two & three bird roast

Sometimes we need more than one flavour in the palate: for example, Strawberrys and blueberrys, or scallops and black pudding, or even your favourite fruit (and perhaps alcoholic!) cocktail.

We have tried to do the same with our meats.  We have put together combinations that not only taste good together, but also have a distinctive visual impact. This means that we have partnered dark meats with light meats so that you can see what you have got on your plate. The different colours show well in the slice when served cold, but please be warned that the different meats can separate during carving when served hot.

All the combinations are bound together with a stuffing whose flavour best accompanies the meat combination in question. We offer two types of stuffing base in response to demand: one is gluten free, for those allergic to wheat and its derivatives, and the other is a pork free for those customers who don’t eat pork.

Finally the roasts are offered in a variety of sizes to suit the number being catered for, from one person to twenty people.