Alfresco Beef July 04 2023

Marinate a joint of grass-fed beef in a fruity rosé with rosemary, bay and garlic before roasting. Served with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables, it’s a delicious Sunday roast to share with friends or family in spring or summer.

Beef, Coconut and Spinach Pilau February 05 2023

Simmer grass-fed diced beef in a spicy mix of Madras curry paste, coconut milk and aromatics to enjoy big, mouthwatering flavours. Enjoy as a Friday night feast with the family or serve with vegetable sides and naan bread at a dinner party.

Orange Roast Beef stuffed with Spinach and Herbs December 12 2022

Duck is not the only meat that partners well with orange! The deep flavours of grass-fed beef are also complemented by a sweet and tangy marinade made with fresh orange juice and zest. A stuffing made with spinach and garlic then adds another layer of flavour that makes this dish one to savour.

Beef and Ale Pot Pies November 10 2022

Stew braising steak in a rich, aley gravy to make these tasty individual pies. Topped with readymade shortcrust pastry, they’re an easy but full-flavoured treat for Sunday lunch or chilly winter evenings.

Curried Beef Pasties September 10 2022

In this tasty twist on the traditional Cornish pasty, full-flavoured grass-fed beef mince is mixed with curry paste, mango chutney and peas. Using ready-made puff pastry makes them quick and easy to prep so they’re perfect for buffets, picnics or anytime you fancy a treat!

BBQ Maple Glazed Beef Kebabs with Tacos September 10 2022

Fire up the barbecue to indulge in these delicious beef skewers made with cubes of grass-fed rump flavoured with cayenne and maple syrup. Served with the homemade avocado and beetroot salsa, they’ll be the highlight of your weekend.

Spiced Beef with Eggs and Spring Onions March 19 2020

This is a great dish to make if you want to whip up something quick and easy. The beef is first poached and then lightly fried with tomatoes and spices – perfect for scooping up with some flatbread or serving with fluffy white rice, some natural yoghurt and a crunchy Salad Shirazi; a few radishes would go down very well too.