Free Range Goose

Our fresh free range geese are supplied by a local producer Philip Hunter on his family farm, near Fressingfield in Suffolk. Philip is a third generation farmer with a traditional mixed farm that has both arable and livestock, including cattle, turkeys and chickens. 

Philip’s geese are from the Legarth strain which are one of the largest and finest meat producing geese available. He keeps 600 geese outside on a free range system and they are fed rolled oats and wheat from the farm to which are added brewers grains and soya, providing the protein.

If you have not had goose before, you should be aware that goose has a far lower meat to bone ratio than turkey, and has more fat. As a result the meat is very rich and flavoursome, but there will be less of it when you carve the bird!

Of all the animal fats, goose fat is the best and we supply it for your year round roasting dishes. But remember to save the fat from your roast goose as well!

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