Top Tips for Cooking Grouse August 12 2016

Roasted grouse
Grouse tastes like no other game - for some people it’s the superlative game bird. They live and feed on moorland heather and bilberries which give complex flavours to the dark red meat. Tim Maddams in his excellent River Cottage Handbook on Game says “Grouse meat is a joy. Its flavours is divine: strong enough to carry spices but sweet enough to serve simply, hot or cold.”...

Our Top Ten Tips for game meat salads July 04 2016

At this time of year it’s nice to think of cooking game outdoors on the barbecue but with our unreliable British weather outdoor cooking isn’t always practical. We like to use game, such as pheasant or partridge breast in summer salads. You could take any chicken salad recipe and replace it with pheasant or partridge which has a greater depth of flavour...

Meet the producer - Sutton Hoo Chicken June 27 2016

Sutton Hoo chicken

We’ve worked closely with our friends at Sutton Hoo Chickens for many years and their chicken is always popular with our customers for good reason.

How to Barbecue Game Meat May 11 2016

Think game is just for autumn and winter? Think again! There’s plenty of delicious fresh game available throughout the year – and we know no better way to spend a summer evening than cooking wild meat outdoors on the barbecue...  

Suffolk Food & Drink Awards 2016 - Finalists May 04 2016

We were thrilled to be shortlisted for the Suffolk Food & Drink Awards this spring! In such a food rich county as Suffolk the competition is tough. The annual awards celebrate the inspired individuals and businesses that work hard to bring great produce to our plates and glasses, and illustrate just how important the food and drink sector is to Suffolk’s economy....

How to Cook Rabbit April 12 2016

Wild rabbit is one of the tastiest and most abundant game meats there is - the phrase ‘breed like rabbits' isn’t unfounded! Along with pigeon it’s the enemy of farmers and rural gardeners for the damage it does to crops and young plants and is regularly culled so we should eat more of it!..

How to cook venison March 07 2016

How to cook venison

Cooking venison needn't be a treat but it is always delicious! And don't be put off by thinking it's difficult to cook - it's a lovely meat to cook and really easy to handle.  Here are our tips for cooking venison and some of our favourite recipes to try.

Blythburgh Free Range Pork from Wild Meat Company February 09 2016

We’ve recently started selling a range of farmed meat through our web site sourced from local farms we know and trust. Our aim was to make it easy for our customers to use our web site as a one-stop-shop for quality and ethically produced meat.  One such local supplier is Blythburgh Free Range Pork, a family business based close to the Suffolk coast near Southwold...

Meet our Pantry Producers: Chazwinkle's January 13 2016

Last autumn we launched the Pantry selling delicious rubs, relishes and other great accompaniments to go with game. We thought you'd like to know more about the people producing these delicious products so we're started by talking to Charli Elphinsonstone founder of Cambridgeshire-based, Chazwinkle's...

Make the most of pheasant January 07 2016

The pheasant season comes to a close in just a few weeks on February 1st so now is is the time to make the most of the of the bird.  Pheasants are perfect for pot-roasting, casseroling or braising.

Wine and game pairing November 11 2015

Eating game is a bit of a treat and deserves a good wine to go with it. 
Expertly hung game meats develop complex aromas and flavours.  Pairing the right wine with these flavours can be part art and part science, but a few simple rules can help to guide you to a perfect match...

Special Offer: Wine Case from Davy’s Wine Merchants. November 02 2015

We’ve teamed up with Davy’s Wine Merchants to create a case of wine specially selected by their wine experts to pair well with game and available for a special introductory price...

Grouse - now available for Autumn 2015 September 13 2015

You may have read that this year’s late snow and cold spring and summer in the northern uplands where the grouse live have had a real impact on grouse shooting this season. So it is with some irony that it is this year that we have added grouse to our range of feathered and furred game!

Suffolk BBQ giveaway August 18 2015

We're giving you the chance to win a Suffolk BBQ box containing a selection of delicious game products, free range Sutton Hoo chicken and the best BBQ sauces on the land (in our humble opinion!)...

Sizzling Summer Game - 5 top tips for barbecuing game meat July 21 2015

There's no reason to confine game to winter cooking! Venison and wild boar are available and excellent cooked on the barbecue. Smaller game like rabbit and pheasant freezes really well and we can supply it throughout the year. The smokey flavours will really enhance the meat and there are plenty of great recipes out there so get barbecuing now!..

Suffolk Carbon Charter accreditation for Wild Meat Company June 29 2015

We’re thrilled to hold the be one of a few small businesses to hold the Suffolk Carbon Charter which recognises that we take our carbon impact seriously.  Following an assessment in March, the Suffolk Carbon Charter panel approved the Wild Meat Company for accreditation to the Carbon Charter at Bronze Level...