Win a Wild Meat BBQ Box and Stokes Sauces May 24 2019

To celebrate National BBQ week, we’re giving you the chance to win a very tasty prize including a Wild Meat BBQ Box packed with five family-sized packs of ready-to-barbecue products plus all four Stokes sauces and a handy Stokes tote bag and tea towel.

Recognition for Our Environmental Work April 08 2019

Carbo Charter Simler Award

The Wild Meat Company is delighted to have received a Silver award from the Suffolk Carbon Charter in recognition of our commitment to minimising our energy use and carbon emissions. From the outset, environmental sustainability has always been a priority for us. If you’d like to know more about the many ways we strive to protect our planet, read on!

Wild and Seasonal Eating in February February 12 2019

February marks the end of the wild duck and hare seasons. Conscientious eaters will also want to put venison, wood pigeon, rabbit and squirrel on their menus this month. Try these sustainable meats with succulent forced rhubarb or get foraging for young nettles, chickweed and velvet shank mushrooms.

Wild and Seasonal Eating in January January 15 2019

On cold January nights, it can be difficult to stick to New Year resolutions to eat well. The good news is game is naturally leaner and higher in nutrients than mass farmed meats. It’s also ideal for batch cooking into nourishing soups and pies with other seasonal ingredients, including celeriac and celery.

Meet our Free-Range Goose Farmer November 12 2018

Meet our Free-Range Goose Farmer

Our free-range geese are reared not far from us by Philip Hunter of Yew Tree Farm, where they enjoy a happy, natural life on a diet of foraged grass and home-grown cereals. We spoke to Philip to find out why this is so important and why he recommends goose for your Christmas dinner.

Wild and Seasonal Eating: November November 02 2018

Wild and Seasonal Eating: November

When cold winds bite, warm yourself up with autumnal stews and mouthwatering roasts. Game is the unreserved star of the show now, supported by frost-sweetened vegetables and roasted chestnuts.

Our Guide to Goat October 16 2018

Goat is a staple meat around the world yet rarely makes it on to British plates. If you’d like to give it a go, follow our cooking tips to discover for yourself just how good goat can be.

Wild and Seasonal Eating: October October 12 2018

Wild and Seasonal Eating: October

Deciding what to cook for dinner is never more exciting than it is in October. The game season is in full swing and autumnal fruits and vegetables provide depth and sweetness to comforting meals.

Wild and Seasonal Eating: September September 10 2018

It’s an exciting time for game lovers with new-season partridge and wild duck fresh on the menu alongside hare and grouse. Guinea fowl is also at its best in early autumn and with an abundance of wild fruit available for sweet accompaniments as well as aubergines, peppers and other tasty vegetables, cooking this month is a true pleasure.

Grouse Shortage Update August 09 2018

Wild grouse

Many grouse shoots have been cancelled this year due to reduced numbers, which are the result of this year’s extreme weather.  We provide an update on the situation and explain why the weather conditions have affected grouse so severely.

Hot Smoking Game August 05 2018


With so many indoor and outdoor smokers now on the market, smoking meat and fish at home is easier than ever before. We show you how to add the flavour of woodsmoke to your favourite game and share some top tips from Charlotte Pike, author of Smoked.

Wild and Seasonal Eating: August August 04 2018


The first of August marks the start of the hare season while the grouse season famously begins on the Glorious Twelfth, when gardens are full of tasty ripe accompaniments… August is also a great month for fish and we’ve got some fresh ideas for our smoked haddock and an underused British classic, kippers. 

Seasonal Eating Ideas: July July 09 2018

Gardens, hedgerows and woodlands provide rich picking in July. Combine foraged mushrooms with wood pigeon, wild venison or rabbit for seasonal dishes that are 100% wild and 100% delicious or raid the garden for a feast with summer fruits or vegetables.

Ways with Wild Boar May 30 2018

Wild Boar

When people try genuine wild boar, they’re often surprised how different it is to pork. If you’ve yet to taste the unique and moreish flavour of wild boar or you’d like advice on the best cooking methods, here’s what you need to know.

Seasonal eating ideas: June May 30 2018

May gave us all a chance to rediscover the joy of al fresco cooking and eating with its glorious sunshine. Now that June is here we’re fully up to speed and ready for some new ideas! Get ready for strawberry season, fruity chutneys to pair with barbecued game and picnics, early summer vegetables, and a salty taste of the seaside. 

Seasonal Eating Ideas: May May 11 2018

May is here and tastes amazing. The asparagus season is here, Jersey Royals are finally available, and the barbecues are out. Life is good! If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on this month’s bounty, read on for our guide to the best of May’s seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal Eating Ideas: April  April 03 2018

Wild Rabbit Casserole with Wild Garlic & Fresh Almonds

Now that the clocks have changed and the evenings are longer, it’s time to savour the vibrant flavours of spring. Versatile game lends itself just as well to these quick and fresh meals as it does to hearty feasts so, whatever the weather does in changeable April, our seasonal ideas should steer you through.

Seasonal Eating Ideas: March March 08 2018

What should we be eating this month to make the most of March’s seasonal ingredients? Many game seasons are now closed but there are still plenty of delicious fresh game options to pair with the last of the winter crops and early spring fruit and vegetables.

Perfect pigeon - why pigeon makes a perfect meal February 15 2018

Wood pigeon breast

The most plentiful edible wild bird, woodpigeon is available throughout the year. Its meat is versatile with a lovely wild, gamey flavour.  Here are our tips for cooking wood pigeon and some of our favourite recipes.

Get Fit with Chris Pratt’s Game Plan January 15 2018

If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle, many fitness experts will recommend a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Wild game is generally higher in protein and nutrients than farmed meats, while also being lower in fat – which is why Hollywood’s Chris Pratt said he would only wild meat on the diet he dubbed his ‘game plan’.

Christmas Dinner? Go Wild and Break with Tradition November 17 2017

It was Katharine Hepburn who said, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” When it comes to choosing the centrepiece for Christmas dinner, there’s only one rule that we never break, and that’s just make sure it’s tasty!

Share a meal with someone in need with The Country Food Trust October 23 2017

Would you like to come home to a hearty pheasant casserole or partridge curry created by River Cottage’s former Head Chef Tim Maddams? And feed someone in crisis at the same time? 

Sharing the Suffolk hare September 15 2017


For game lovers, the unique rich taste of hare is a delicacy. Fortunately for us in Suffolk, hare is abundant despite concerns about populations in the South-West and elsewhere in the UK. It’s a regular feature on our menus, thanks to our continuous supply – and we’d like to ensure it remains a taste everyone in the country can savour.

Food writer, Xanthe Clay visits The Wild Meat Company July 20 2017

Following on from the success of our fabulous wild venison masterclass with Gill Meller and the accompanying tour of the Wild Meat Co premises for the Guild of Food Writers, their President, and esteemed Daily Telegraph food writer, Xanthe Clay, was also treated to a Suffolk wild venison experience recently.