Grouse Shortage Update August 09 2018

Wild grouse

Many grouse shoots have been cancelled this year due to reduced numbers, which are the result of this year’s extreme weather.  We provide an update on the situation and explain why the weather conditions have affected grouse so severely.

Top Tips for Cooking Grouse August 12 2016

Roasted grouse
Grouse tastes like no other game - for some people it’s the superlative game bird. They live and feed on moorland heather and bilberries which give complex flavours to the dark red meat. Tim Maddams in his excellent River Cottage Handbook on Game says “Grouse meat is a joy. Its flavours is divine: strong enough to carry spices but sweet enough to serve simply, hot or cold.”...

Grouse - now available for Autumn 2015 September 13 2015

You may have read that this year’s late snow and cold spring and summer in the northern uplands where the grouse live have had a real impact on grouse shooting this season. So it is with some irony that it is this year that we have added grouse to our range of feathered and furred game!