5 Marinades for Barbecuing Game July 08 2021


Cooking wild meat outdoors is one of life’s most simple – and greatest – pleasures. Wild venison, wild boar, game birds and spatchcocked squirrels all taste amazing barbecued or cooked on an open fire, especially when marinated in one of these 5 mouthwatering marinades.

How to Barbecue Game Meat May 11 2016

Think game is just for autumn and winter? Think again! There’s plenty of delicious fresh game available throughout the year – and we know no better way to spend a summer evening than cooking wild meat outdoors on the barbecue...  

Sizzling Summer Game - 5 top tips for barbecuing game meat July 21 2015

There's no reason to confine game to winter cooking! Venison and wild boar are available and excellent cooked on the barbecue. Smaller game like rabbit and pheasant freezes really well and we can supply it throughout the year. The smokey flavours will really enhance the meat and there are plenty of great recipes out there so get barbecuing now!..