Eat Them to Beat Them: Invasive Species March 29 2022

Eating grey squirrel

Invasive non-native species have a huge impact on the UK’s ecosystems and conservationists are working tirelessly to eradicate them. What can you do to help? Put the tastiest on your menu!

Are Vegan Meat Alternatives as Healthy or Sustainable as Wild Meat? February 14 2022

Selection of wild meat products

This year, the number of people taking part in Veganuary reached record numbers and supermarkets and fast-food chains around the country have been cashing in on the demand for vegan products. But just how healthy are the latest ‘plant-based’ alternatives to meat?

The Importance of “Meat Consciousness” May 13 2021

Here at the Wild Meat Company, we passionately believe that completely cutting meat out of our diets isn’t the best solution for the planet, animals or our health. Instead, we’d like more people to develop greater “meat consciousness”, as we explain in this article.

Why Wild Venison Is a Sustainable Meat April 28 2021

Looking for a sustainable and nutritious meat to include in a climate-friendly diet? Look no further than delicious British wild venison!

Conscientious Eating with Game June 23 2019

Feathered and furred game

Eating less meat is a change we’re all being urged to make to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. But we don’t need to stop eating it all together – we just need to switch to conscientious choices, such as abundant and sustainable wild game.

Recognition for Our Environmental Work April 08 2019

Carbo Charter Simler Award

The Wild Meat Company is delighted to have received a Silver award from the Suffolk Carbon Charter in recognition of our commitment to minimising our energy use and carbon emissions. From the outset, environmental sustainability has always been a priority for us. If you’d like to know more about the many ways we strive to protect our planet, read on!