Meet our Pantry Producers: Chazwinkle's

by Annabel Warne January 13 2016

Last autumn we launched the Pantry selling delicious rubs, relishes and other great accompaniments to go with game. We thought you'd like to know more about the people producing these delicious products so we're started by talking to Charli Elphinsonstone founder of Cambridgeshire-based, Chazwinkle's.

Charli produces delicious jars of preserves to be used in cooking or alongside it. She uses seasonal British fruit and vegetables. Her range includes:

Preserved Beetroot
with some spicy infusions which goes particularly well with pheasant and partridge or in, on or with any other types of game.

Plum which can be added at the beginning of a slow-cooked recipe to add an instant depth of flavour or mixed through right at the end for some fruity cut-through. Great with venison, chicken, pheasant, guinea fowl, woodcock, duck, lamb and pork.

Rhubarb preserved with a twist of lemon and especially good with with duck, quail and partridge.



Charli took some time to tell us her story and why her preserves go so well with game:

"My inspiration behind the range came from living in London. I was just so fed up with spending my evenings in crummy express stores and searching the shelves for British produce.

I knew food would taste better if it was local and in season and would last longer than if it had already spent its life on a ship from the other side of the world. Once I realised that you could preserve these fruits and vegetables and use them, I started using them to get through the frozen game in my freezer.

I always followed Clarissa Dickson-Wright as I loved her style of cooking, appreciation of eating what was available and her support for British produce and the countryside, so I have taken inspiration from her combinations.

My experiments with flavour combinations have been inspired by eating out where they have also showcased rarer meats, both in country pubs and city restaurants like Marcus Waring at the Gilbert Scott, Richard Corrigan and Boisdales.

I hope that a jar of Chazwinkle's would help make cooking game more enjoyable. Sadly I think home-cooking is fading from a lot of people's lives and they are looking for the short-cuts. I hope Chazwinkle's will help to make life easier for busy cooks and become an all-rounder or rescue jar for kitchen cupboards."

View the range of chazwinkles to buy online