Jamie & Jimmy Feast on Wild Meat Company Venison

by Robert Gooch February 08 2017

Last July, we were thrilled to be contacted by the producers of the popular channel 4 TV show Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast to ask if we could be involved in a series of features involving wild food. They had an ambitious plan in mind – for Jimmy Doherty to cook one of our delicious fallow deer in his very own Maori-style underground oven.

Filmed in the height of summer 2016, the piece was finally aired last Friday. If you missed it, you can still watch Jimmy Doherty pit-roasting our fallow deer in his incredible underground oven on All 4.

With the help of a digger and an expert in Maori hangi cooking, a whole venison carcass and a rabbit were cooked over fire-heated metal in a 3-foot pit. Freshly delivered by myself, our game was marinated and wrapped in cabbage leaves before being covered over with earth and left to cook beneath the ground

After a few hours, a horde of hungry onlookers enjoyed the results with wraps and a quick and tasty guacamole.

Visit All 4 to watch Jimmy’s Wild Game Feast on Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.

If you’re inspired to try our flavoursome venison at home, why not try one of our venison recipes? No diggers required, we promise!