Our Top Ten Tips for game meat salads July 31 2021

At this time of year it’s nice to think of cooking game outdoors on the barbecue but with our unreliable British weather outdoor cooking isn’t always practical. We like to use game, such as pheasant or partridge breast in summer salads. You could take any chicken salad recipe and replace it with pheasant or partridge which has a greater depth of flavour...

How to Cook Pheasant January 21 2020

How to cook pheasant
Pheasant is a wonderfully versatile meat that can be used in place of chicken or turkey in a wide range of recipes. Subtly gamey, tender and succulent, pheasant cooked well is a taste to savour - read on to learn more.

Perfect pigeon - why pigeon makes a perfect meal February 15 2018

Wood pigeon breast

The most plentiful edible wild bird, woodpigeon is available throughout the year. Its meat is versatile with a lovely wild, gamey flavour.  Here are our tips for cooking wood pigeon and some of our favourite recipes.

Squirrel: why everyone should try it May 24 2017

How to cook and eat squirrel

Many Americans consider squirrel the best meat in the woods – yet very few Brits have even tried it. Sweet and nutty, squirrel is a highly sustainable and delicious meat that we would like to see on many more plates.

Perfect Wild Duck February 01 2017

Roast duck

Wild duck, with its delicious rich and deep flavour, is a taste to savour. With just a few simple tips, you can make sure your wild duck is cooked to perfection every time.      

Majestic Two and Three Bird Roasts November 21 2016

Three bird roast

For a festive feast that’s fit for a king, nothing surpasses a three-bird roast. But don’t worry if there’s only two, three or four of you around the table – our ballotines and game roulades offer the same kingly flavour on a slightly smaller scale.

Make the Perfect Game or Goat Curry October 12 2016

Pheasant curry

It’s National Curry Week – and with the nights growing darker and cooler, we need no more persuading to enjoy a spicy warming curry. Both game and goat were made for robust flavours so we’ll be keeping the cold at bay with vibrant dishes that pack a punch...

How to Barbecue Game Meat May 11 2016

Think game is just for autumn and winter? Think again! There’s plenty of delicious fresh game available throughout the year – and we know no better way to spend a summer evening than cooking wild meat outdoors on the barbecue...  

How to Cook Rabbit April 12 2016

Wild rabbit is one of the tastiest and most abundant game meats there is - the phrase ‘breed like rabbits' isn’t unfounded! Along with pigeon it’s the enemy of farmers and rural gardeners for the damage it does to crops and young plants and is regularly culled so we should eat more of it!..

How to cook venison March 07 2016

How to cook venison

Cooking venison needn't be a treat but it is always delicious! And don't be put off by thinking it's difficult to cook - it's a lovely meat to cook and really easy to handle.  Here are our tips for cooking venison and some of our favourite recipes to try.

Make the most of pheasant January 07 2016

The pheasant season comes to a close in just a few weeks on February 1st so now is is the time to make the most of the of the bird.  Pheasants are perfect for pot-roasting, casseroling or braising.

Sizzling Summer Game - 5 top tips for barbecuing game meat July 21 2015

There's no reason to confine game to winter cooking! Venison and wild boar are available and excellent cooked on the barbecue. Smaller game like rabbit and pheasant freezes really well and we can supply it throughout the year. The smokey flavours will really enhance the meat and there are plenty of great recipes out there so get barbecuing now!..