Venison Boneless Saddle Joint

Available all year

  • A roast for a special occasion
  • Allow 200g per person
  • Marinade the day before and/or cover in foil
  • Dispatched chilled

Available in a variety of sizes to suit the occasion, the boned and rolled saddle joint is the tenderest venison joint available.  It is ideal for a large party or gathering and comes in different sizes.  The alternative is to have the sirloin steaks which are also cut from the loins. The rolled saddle encompasses both loins from the back and is very simple to carve as the backbone has been removed.

Please note that the amount of fat covering on the joint varies according to the time of year. This is normal with wild deer which lay on more fat in the late summer and autumn, losing it in winter and spring. 

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Please note that because small game is usually shot with a shotgun it is likely to have some blemishes, pellet holes and/or bruises. Our quality control process means that we filter out any birds with more than three pellet holes or 10% bruising on the breast meat. If you notice more bruising or pellet holes on your products, please do contact us attaching a photo so we can review accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products supplied fresh or frozen? We often freeze our game so that we are able to supply seasonal meat all year round. Typically we thaw the meat for one to two days (depending on the weight/size of the product) in a 2ºC environment (for cutting and/or packing) prior to dispatch to you. Read more...

Can you tell me the ingredients of your stuffings and processed products? Yes, full ingredient lists are available. Read more

Do your products contain shot? All our meat in the game meat and game bird categories may contain some shot or shot fragments, as they are culled by hunters using shotguns or rifles. The only exception is squirrel, which is humanely trapped. In most cases the shot is not found in the meat, as shotgun pellets normally rest in the bone or the internal cavity and bullets usually travel right through the body. Shot is made from copper, steel, tungsten, bismuth or lead. For more information on the phasing out of lead, please read our blog.

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