Game seasons

We often get asked about game seasons and what is available when. It’s well known that most game is only available during the autumn and winter but why and what are the dates.

The ‘closed season’ when shooting is not allowed is there to protect animals when they’re breeding and rearing their young. Animals that are seen as pests or vermin such as rabbits, pigeons and muntjac deer have no closed season and culling them enables us to control their populations. These pests also breed all year round so it is impossible to define a single breeding season.

These dates indicate the shooting season, the actual availability may vary year to year especially if the animal is migratory.

And don’t forget we freeze game so it can be available to you all year round. Our short supply chains from the field to our butchery mean that the meat is frozen very quickly to preserve its quality.


Red Grouse 12 August  - 10 December
Partridge (grey & red-legged) 1 September - 1 February
Pheasant 1 October - 1 February
Pigeon No closed season


Wild Fowl

Mallard, teal, widgeon and other ducks (inland) 1 September - 31 January
Mallard, teal, widgeon and other ducks (below high water mark) 1 September - 20 February
Snipe 12 August - 31 January
Woodcock 1 October - 31 January



Hare 1 January - 31 December (England & Wales) but can only be sold between 1 August and 28 February
Rabbit No closed season
Squirrel No closed season


Venison (England & Wales)

Muntjac Deer No closed season
Roe Deer Bucks Bucks: 1 Apr - 31 Oct / Does: 1 Nov - 31 March
Fallow Bucks Bucks: 1 Aug - 30 April / Does: 1 Nov - 31 March
Red Deer: Stags Stags: 1 Aug - 30 Apr / Hinds: 1 Nov - 31 March