Wild Meat for Nutrition & Fitness

Skoti, a movement coach who works with a range of clients including members of the Team GB Climbing team, recommends game meat to his clients as part of a nutrition plan to support their fitness programme with him. Skoti says, 

"The reason I suggest game to my clients is because it is as natural as you can get.  There are less questions we need to ask about the quality of the produce as it would have eaten a natural wild diet that would promote a more natural immune system and appropriately operating hormonal system. Therefore, there are less chemicals we need to consider which often replace the ability of a naturally formed immune system which can be commonplace in mass intensive farming. 

This results in a meat that has more suitable levels of fat intake, higher protein content and higher in minerals, such as iron and zinc because of the quality of soil that their food grows in. The sum of this will be some of the most nutritionally rich and nurturing meat you could consume."

For more information about Skoti, visit wearefera.com.