Alde Valley Lamb

Alde Valley Lamb is produced by Nick and Penny Watts on a family farm based in Suffolk from a flock of 200 Mule ewes. Mules are a traditional English sheep breed that are a cross between an upland ram (usually a Bluefaced Leicester) and a purebred hill (or mountain) ewe.

Penny Watts is the shepherdess and her main aim is to produce exceptional flavour and quality on a decent size carcass with a high emphasis on welfare.

 The flavour is enhanced by the lambs grazing the lovely historic water meadows of the Upper Alde Valley and fed on a homemade ration of cereals and sugar beet. The Wild Meat Company is located further down the river catchment in the Lower Alde Valley. The river reaches the sea at Aldeburgh, some 7 miles from the Wild Meat Company butchery. The other major contributor to this amazing flavour is that the lambs are slaughtered at a local abattoir which is only 40 minutes from the farm meaning that any stress is greatly reduced.