Game Meat

Eating game can be a great sustainable and healthy alternative to farmed meat. We offer venison, pheasant, partridge, wood pigeon, hare, wild boar, duck, rabbit and even squirrel - all expertly butchered, before being packaged and delivered to your home.

Wild animals used for game meat live off natural diets so it tends to be leaner, lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein than farmed meats. More importantly though, game meat has delicious flavour and there are many tasty and creative dishes that can be prepared with game meat - it is not as difficult to cook as people often think - and we have plenty of recipes and tips on our blog for beginners.


Please note that all the meat in this category may contain some shot or shot fragments, as they are culled by hunters using shotguns or rifles. The only exception is squirrel, which is humanely trapped.

In most cases the shot is not found in the meat, as shotgun pellets normally rest in the bone or the internal cavity and bullets usually travel right through the body. Shot is made from copper, steel, tungsten, bismuth or lead. For more information on the phasing out of lead, please read our blog >