Meet our Pantry Producers: Marsh Pig

by Annabel Warne April 07 2016

We've selected some fantastic produce for our Pantry. Marsh Pig produce hand-made charcuterie in Norfolk. Their venison chorizo, wild boar salami and wild game and slow gin salami are popular with our customers so we thought you might like to find out more about Marsh Pig.

We spoke to founder Jackie Kennedy to find out more about Marsh Pig.

What inspired you to set up Marsh Pig?

I have always loved charcuterie and got a real taste of different styles of charcuterie travelling in Europe as a chef and later as owner of a head-hunting firm. In short I'm greedy and wanted to try my hand at making charcuterie using British pork.

I set up Marsh Pig three and a half years ago now and it's been an exciting journey! Two of us work full time and we couldn't get by without help from friends and neighbours.

Why do you use free range pork in your products?

I got thinking about how British pigs are kept in amazing farming conditions in comparison to Europe. Most European pigs are kept in metal crates their entire lives, fed a bland high protein diet, fattened quickly and slaughtered young. Whereas in the UK free range pork gets a much better life. The pigs spend their entire life outdoors with access to shelter, food and water when they choose and are killed on average 8-10 weeks later. This surely makes our pork taste better and from an ethical perspective it was a no brainer to use free range British pork only!

What's special about Marsh Pig charcuterie?

We set out to make the very best charcuterie we can. We use the very best ingredients and don’t skimp on any part of the handmade process, that is 

Of course most good cooks understand what you put in you get out and charcuterie is no exception. We don't enjoy the greasy aftertaste of many traditional salamis which add 30% plus fat. We add half that amount so you are getting a very meaty melt-in-the-mouth texture.

All the pork and beef we use is reared and slaughtered within East Anglia.

Tell us about the game salami and chorizo you make for the Wild Meat Company?

It's great to work with the Wild Meat Company as we share the same principles and values and we were delighted to have the opportunity to use their game. The recipes we've created showcase the amazing quality of meat, with some added seasoning and a little know-how from us!

The Wild Game and Sloe Gin Salami is a wonderful combination of wild game meats coupled with a very generous, but not overpowering, glug of sloe gin. 
Venison is just an amazing meat to use with its wonderful earthy flavours mixed with hot smoked paprika from Spain to make a chorizo.
The Wild Boar Salami might be one of my favourites! I love this meat - it's full-flavoured, rich and moorish. We mix it with garlic and black pepper. All you need to add is a glass of red wine! 

    How do you like to eat your Marsh Pig charcuterie?

    You can’t go far wrong with a sharp knife, a hunk of sourdough bread and a bottle of red wine!  We've used the Venison Chorizo as a base to an amazing beef stew and have also tried it lightly panfried and scattered over a salad, it was delicious!

    The Wild Boar Salami is amazing stirred through pasta with a rich tomato sauce, although I have to admit half of it went in my mouth before it made it to the pot! The Wild Game Salami is such an incredible mix of flavours, we just enjoy it by itself with a little cheese on the side.

    It's always good to experiment with salami and chorizo to bring a wondrous meaty treat to well….most dishes! We love adding it to pasta, gently fried and then put over salad and added as a base to soup or stew.